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## What Is Definova (DFN)? Definova is a decentralized marketplace platform created to automate everyday routine actions in the browser, as well as to solve global problems between users of automated software and developers. The token is based on Binance Smart Chain Network. Definova is a world of automation where a user automatically earns digital and fiat money from other services and platforms. Due to this, time plays only for the benefit, and not against it as in real life. Payment is made only for the result obtained. The Definova token is reproduced naturally by replacing the work of a user when working in a browser using automated applications, as well as using an innovative learning system and DEFI 2.0, WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0. DFN is the native utility token that is used for: * Fees for payment of performed useful actions by automatic programs for the user * For the staking mechanism * To improve the skills of automatic applications * For NFT marketplace * For the marketplace of consumables for applications * To provide developer incentives * For advertisers to pay for in-app ads * To pay instructors for courses within the platform DFN tools include: * DFN Browser Automation Native Module to allow developers to integrate into automatic applications * DFN Native Ad mechanism inside apps for advertisers * DFN BSC Wallet integration that lets application users and developers keep save their funds. * DFN NFT/Consumbles Marketplace ## How Many DFN Coins Are There in Circulation? Definova project produced theirs tokens in BSC mainnet on December 05, 2021 with 1 billion DFN tokens. 5% will burn every quartal. 98.5% of each replenish on platform burn and 1.5% goes to support network address. 100 000 000 DFN burned and deposited to app platform on January 31, 2022. Current circulating supply is 901,493,411 DFN. ### Who Are the Founders of Definova? Definova is the brainchild of developers Pavel Duglas and Vitaliy Shaha in cooperation with Anton Tretyakov. Pavel Duglas - a well-known expert CEO in browser automation throughout Russia, Full-Stack programmer and crypto enthusiast who helps people learn the world of high technologies, as well as a blogger of two channels on cryptocurrencies and automation. Vitaliy Shaha - lead professional backend developer and Co-Founder, worked on more than 1000 projects for 20 years experience. The two met while Blockchain technology event, and in July 2019 began work on different projects but in 2021 they've made combined all of it, which focused on allowing users to make crypto and fiat money easy as well as developers to build transparent and fair relationships with users. This project became what is now the Definova. According to Definova official website, many of the developers in browser automation will connect all around the world as soon as platform will growth. Anton Tretyakov - Lead Marketer and CFO who worked on many trading bots projects like 3commas and so on. Vlad Pankratov - Lead Middle Automation Developer for supporting Definova Ecosystem. Karina Polyakova - Lead Junior Automation Developer for supporting Definova Ecosystem. ### Where Can I Buy Definova (DFN)? DFN is available for trading on DEX PancakeSwap (V2) Exchange [PancakeSwap (V2)](https://coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/pancakeswap-v2/) DFN-BNB and DFN-USDT pairs currently available. New to cryptocurrency? Read CoinMarketCap’s [easy guide](https://coinmarketcap.com/how-to-buy-bitcoin/) to buying Bitcoin or any other token. #### What Makes DFN Unique? We are considering a system of paying users for the result of the actions taken by an automatic application. We also solve the problem in the world of automatic software systems by ensuring honest and transparent relations between programs and user developers, which are regulated by a smart contract. This means that if the application does not work, but the user loses money for it, then he does not pay for his work, while the developer is constantly motivated to keep the application in good condition. The ability to earn without investment through the use of automatic software. The Definova platform is a whole marketplace system where 5 parties make money: software users, software developers, investors/traders, course instructors and advertisers. Using NFT technologies, each developer or instructor can confirm their copyright to the software, thereby protecting it from fakes or fraud. DeFi 2.0 is a reward system for platform users that actively uses staking and farming mechanisms based on smart contracts. Automation for Web 3.0 - Applications automatically interact with the new application protocol through software. LMS is an advanced learning and security system for cryptocurrencies. GameFi is a gaming system created for platform users, encouraging them to be active and encouraging them to use more programs. ### How Is the DFN Network Secured? The smart contract was issued using the services of wpsmartcontracts on the basis of the secure Binance Smart Chain blockchain, and has passed the audit and verification of the contract. DFN aims to deliver maximum transparency using tools such as real-time auditing of DFN’s backing and reliability. For the purpose of protection, the Pause function is provided in the smart contract, which is activated in case of hacks and other unpleasant things in order to protect investors' funds.

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