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How To Add Tokens ?

CoinKrab Platform Offers Free Token Adding Chance. There is a Pre-Application Section Before Listing.

What is the Pre-Application Section?

The Added Token is in the Pre-Approval Stage. When 250 votes are collected, the system will add it to the Listed Coin Category. It Will Be Officially Listed After This Addition. There is no retrospective search in the Pre-Application Section. Users Cannot See Your Project On A Separate Page.

What is the Listed Token Section?

Token Projects that complete the Pre-Application with 250 Votes are eligible to be listed. Listed Tokens Appeal To More Users. It is displayed in detail within the category and your project appears in a separate page configuration.

How Can I Add Tokens?

1 ) First of all, you must create a free registration on our site. 

2 ) Login to your account after registration.

3 ) Click on ADD TOKEN from your User Panel.

4 ) Information about the token is requested on the screen that appears. Fill Completely and Without Error.

The Token you add will come to the Pre-Approval Section on the Homepage. 250 votes are required from your community.

 The Token Will Be Officially Listed After 250 Votes.